Robolube Releases the New “Linear” Wayside, Gage Face Lubricato

Robolube…The Best Just Keeps Getting Better with Robolube’s New “Linear”™ Gage Face, Wayside Lubricator


RBL, Inc./ Robolube is now introducing the Newest Technology in Wayside, Gage Face Lubrication.  RBL, Inc./Robolube has long been the industry leader in Hyrail Lubricators because of our innovative approach to applying new technology to an old concept.  Robolube innovations are now being applied to the old technology that is currently offered to the industry in wayside lubrication products. RBL, Inc./Robolube has designed the patent pending “Linear Lubrication” System that mounts in the center of the track.  Utilizing Robolube’s field proven Hyrail lubricator technology, a linear activation system, when activated by the train’s presence, applies a bead of grease to the gage face in the apex of the curve.

The New Robolube “Linear” Wayside Lubricator (Pat. Pend.) mounts easily in the middle of the track. Robolube’s innovative design utilizes the electric over hydraulic power Robolube System that has been “Field Proven” in day-to-day operations for the past 25 years.  In addition, utilizing the proven Robolube System does not require any contact with the train wheels, eliminating maintenance costs associated with existing wayside lubricators.  In addition to an electrical power source, the “Linear” Lubricator can be powered by a Fuel Injected, LP Engine for Remote Locations.  Both of these power sources allows the Robolube System to Heat the Grease, Hydraulics and the Application Site for winter operations. 

Because the application technology and the operational dependability is the same as a Robolube Hyrail Lubricator, all of the grease is consumed by the train and waste is virtually eliminated.  This feature, along with the fact that each application can be adjusted to only apply as little as .65 to 1.5 ounces of grease per train, saves enough in lubricant costs, that the Robolube Linear Lubricator is able to provide a quick ROI on the initial investment. 

Performance is as dependable as with current Robolube Hyrail Lubricators.  This is extremely important since this new technology in trackside lubrication is obviously higher in cost than the existing, antiquated wayside systems.  This unit is now available to the Rail Industry for their Friction Management Programs.

Since the introduction of the Robolube Hyrail Lubricator, Track Lubrication has evolved into an exacting process. Within this process, the amount of lubrication and its location are critical. The Robolube System utilizes small orifice sizes to reduce unnecessary grease usage and insures that only the right amount of lubricant is dispensed to the rail.

Some of the Advantageous Features of the Robolube System are:

    • No Contact with the Train
    • No Haz Mat Requirements. All Grease is Consumed by Train, No Cast Off
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Heated Lubricant and Heated Application System for Winter Operations
    • Mounted in Apex of Curve for Bi-Directional traffic
    • Grease Savings with Precise Application Everytime