What We Do?

We are the leading provider of Robolube Hyrail Track Lubricators which have set the Industry Standard for Quality, Performance and Longevity Since 1990. We also supply Custom Truck Bodies & Equipment for the Railroad, Construction and Mining Industries.

RBL, Inc. represents The Maintainer Corporation, Specialists in Custom Bodies Built to YOUR Specifications. These Products Include; Rail Gang & Roadway Equipment Support Service Bodies, Service Cranes, Fuel/Lube Bodies, Locomotive Service Trucks, Construction & Mining Trucks.

Other RBL Products include; Refined Locomotive Refueler Trucks, RailKut Hyrail Brush Cutting Trucks, Load King Custom Heavy Haul Rail Trailer/Lowboys, Redi-Haul Industrial Tag Trailers, Continental Railworks Railgear Sales & Service, Specialty Hyrail Vehicles & Equipment, Digital Camera Recording Equipment and BackSafe Back-Up Spotter Equipment.

Call us for all of your special needs!

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