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Unparalleled Quality
World Class Support
Unparalleled Quality
World Class Support
Unparalleled Quality
World Class Support
Unparalleled Quality
World Class Support

What we do 

RBL, Inc is the leading provider of Robolube Hyrail Track Lubricators which have set the Industry Standard for Quality, Performance and Longevity Since 1990. We also supply Custom Truck Bodies & Equipment for the Railroad, Construction and Mining Industries.

RBL, Inc. represents The Maintainer Corporation, Specialists in Custom Bodies Built to YOUR Specifications. These Products Include; Rail Gang & Roadway Equipment Support Service Bodies, Service Cranes, Fuel/Lube Bodies, Locomotive Service Trucks, Construction & Mining Trucks.

Other RBL Products include; Refined Locomotive Refueler Trucks, RailKut Hyrail Brush Cutting Trucks, Load King Custom Heavy Haul Rail Trailer/Lowboys, Redi-Haul Industrial Tag Trailers, Continental Railworks Railgear Sales & Service, Specialty Hyrail Vehicles & Equipment, Digital Camera Recording Equipment and BackSafe Back-Up Spotter Equipment.

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RBL, Inc./ Robolube is now introducing the Newest Technology in Wayside, Gauge Face Lubrication.

RBL, Inc./Robolube has long been the industry leader in Hyrail Lubricators because of our innovative approach to applying new technology to an old concept. Robolube innovations are now being applied to the old technology that is currently offered to the industry in wayside lubrication products.

RBL, Inc./Robolube has designed the; U.S.
Patent Number
10,421,469, Canadian Patent number 2901371,“Linear Lubrication” System that mounts in the center of the track. Utilizing Robolube’s field proven Hyrail lubricator technology, a linear activation system, when activated by the train’s presence, applies a bead of grease to the gauge face in the apex of the curve.

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RBL, Inc. – The Company that Specializes in Special Equipment

Back in 1990, RBL, Inc. started with an idea for a Hyrail Track Lubricator. This simple design and idea has led to the recognition of the Robolube Hyrail Lubricator as the industry leader in hyrail lubrication. The Robolube Lubricator has set the standard by which all lubricators are measured.

Team of professionals 

Bob Pieper

Michelle Grosinger
Controller | Office Manager

Michelle Grosinger 
Controller/Office Manager
Robbie Pieper
Product Support Manager

Christian Pieper
Account-manager- Railroad Sales

Justin Hamann
Parts Manager

Justin Dailey

justin pic
Jeff Simon
Territory Manager, Construction, Mining Sales

Minnesota, Wisconsin & North Dakota


Our Products 

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We are always thrilled to hear from our customers. For any further information on any of our products or services reach us through our contact page.

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Justin Hamann started his 7th year here, back in Jan. (1st four years in the shop and since becoming the parts manager. He was born in a Minneapolis hospital but lived in the south metro most of my life.  He started working at his Uncle’s beef/hog farm in Southern IA during his summer breaks, while in school.  Justin has an 8-year-old son named Levi.  His passions include Hunting, fishing, camping and hiking- both in Northern MN and especially Northern WI (his favorite place in the world)!  Justin is a member of a local sportsman’s club, in the south metro and he loves firearms.  Justin collects antique ammo cartons, antique hunting and camping gear.  Justin like to read a lot, mostly Louis L’Amour western fiction and collect hunting books and magazines from the 1930’s through the 1970’s.

Christian is a native of Excelsior Minnesota.  He is an avid hunter, fisherman and all around outdoorsman.  Christian has a passion for cooking and the railroad business.  Christian likes to spend his time up north and at his historical house in Shakopee with his wife Lily.

Bob has been in the Railroad Industry since 1984 where he helped start the Railroad Division for Road Machinery & Supplies in Bloomington, MN. Then in 1990, he and his good friend and business partner Roy Nelson, invented a Truck Mounted, Hyrail Track Lubricator for the railroads. The Burlington Northern purchased the first Robolube Track Lubricator that was assembled in Roy Nelson’s garage in Lakeville, MN. Since then, Robolube has grown to become the Hyrail Lubricator of choice and Robolube was relocated to their present location in 1993 after Roy’s garage became too small for operations.

Bob and Roy were always striving to improve and add to their product line while enjoying their close friendship. With Roy’s unexpected passing in 2015, Bob had to continue RBL, Inc. without his comrade Roy Nelson. RBL is here today because Bob and Roy’s Dream can never fade.

Robbie Pieper is a native of Minnetonka Minnesota.

This Company and all of us at RBL are dedicated to remembering two individuals that made our company and its successes possible.  Roy Nelson and Ryan Pieper were an integral part of RBL and their laughter, personal qualities and commitment to our success are greatly missed.   To have lost them both so unexpectedly and suddenly has left a void in RBL that can never be filled.  Their presence was an irreplaceable asset to our company and made us who we were then and who we still are today.

Roy Nelson was my dear personal friend and business partner for over 30 years, and I could not have had a better friend and partner in creating RBL, Inc.  Roy was an avid golfer, inventor and creative man.  He was such an inspiration to many, and I cannot recall anyone not enjoying the time they spent with Roy.

Ryan Pieper was my son.  Ryan loved the Railroad Industry and the people that he worked with and was so excited to be part of this great industry.  Ryan was also an avid outdoorsman and was a true sportsman and conservationist.

I was blessed to have been allowed the pleasure of working alongside my son on a day-to-day basis and I am heartbroken for the loss of such a unique and wonderful privilege.  I am proud to call Ryan my son and I will forever miss his inspiration, personality, enthusiasm and dedication to our efforts.

RBL, Inc./Robolube will never be the same without Roy and Ryan, but we promise to always dedicate our efforts and future successes to their memory and the inspiration that they gave to us.

~ Robert Pieper, President

Michelle Grosinger, has been with RBL, Inc for 23 years. She is a classically trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu.  Michelle and her husband own a Midwest Modified Dirt Car, which he races just about every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall.  No children but they have a dog named Bentley.

Jeff Simon started at RBL, INC. In 1999. Jeff has been been selling maintainer  products for almost 24 years. Jeff grew up in northern mn. He loves the lakes, fishing and pheasant hunting. Now he resides in Wisconsin since 2002.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve tinkered with everything I could get my hands on trying to improve one aspect or another. This passion to learn & make things better is what drives me develop the best products possible.

The variety of my background gives me an unique perspective on projects. I have 10+ years of automotive experience which has given me a very good understanding of how many types of systems work both in principal and real world applications. Being a past & current small business owner, I have a strong work ethic & ability to problem solve.

I’ve worked with companies as large as Bayer AG to small start-ups to accomplish tasks ranging from process improvement, marketing strategy & content, cost reduction, & large scale product development/R&D.