Standard Features

Robolube Model 240 Lubricator Mounted in Track Inspector Pickup

Robolube Custom, Electric Over Hydraulic Power Unit
Intergral Tank Grease Fill Access Door
Actual grease application on the gage corner at 20 mph.
Standard nozzle mount. Mounts on the derail skid of the rail gear with vertical adjustment. Allows for proper grease application to the gage face.
This configuration allows for clearance of track structure in forward and reverse.
Standard control panel allows for greasing of right rail, left rail, or both rails simultaneously. Also includes an operator friendly grease obstruction indicator and an electrical overload indicator.
Standard flow control valves are electrically controlled by the control panel switches in the cab. These valves are rotary style and are threaded into the flow control valve block for ease of service and repair.
Hot water heat is available for cold weather operations. This allows for hot water from the truck engine to circulate through the grease pump around the grease intake.
The water is directed through a fan assisted heater to move warm air around the bottom of the grease resevoir. Warm air is also directed to defrosters located near the windows in the lubricator for safe rear viewing for the operator.
High Pressure Interchangeable/Replaceable Grease Filter
Battery Slide Tray for Maintenance and Service