Optional Features

Optional Top of Rail Control Panel
Optional Top of Rail nozzles are available in
The optional Rollerlube attatchment (shown in the stored position) is constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. The Rollerlube easily mounts on almost any make or model of Hyrail lubricator.
The Rollerlube allows for precise grease placement by elimintingthe variables that are present with the standard model mounting.
In the stored positions, the Rollerlube still allows for easy access to the truck bed.

Variables Include: 

Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Suspension
Hyrail Suspension
Change in Vehicle Pay



Optional Top of Rail greasing is accomplished with the addition of two (2) more Robolube Rotary Flow Control valves. This feature can be added at any time; in the future or on existing lubricators if yoru lubrication program requires this addition.
 Custom Rollerlube units are available based on customer requirements and vehicles.
Internal gas shocks keep constant down pressure on the top of the rail. This allows the nozzle to index off the head of the rail and eliminates the previously stated variables effecting grease placement.

Grease placement is precise because the Rollerlube eliminates the need for constant nozzle adjustment. Thoughtfully equiped with grease zerks, tapered bearings, and races, the Rollerlube’s composite wheels are ensured a long life.

Rollerlube in the deployed position, shown with the optional Top of Rail nozzles.