Model 120

Robolube…The Best Just Keeps Getting Better

The Robolube Hyrail Track Lubricator revolutionized hyrail lubrication of rail. Since 1990, Robolube Lubricators have been operating consistently in day-to-day operations in the rugged environment of the railroad industry. Many Robolube units are already at work in their second and third vehicles!

The Model 120 mounts easily in the back of a hyrail truck and has the ability to utilize the grease manufacturer’s standard 120 lb. barrel. Robolube’s innovative design utilizes the vehicle’s existing electrical system without the modifications that other systems require, such as, underhood power sources and/or additional electrical components. The Robolube design features an electric over hydraulic power source that has been “Field Proven” in day-to-day operations since 1990.

Since the introduction of the Robolube Hyrail Lubricator, track lubrication has evolved into an exacting process. Within this process, the amount of lubrication and it’s location are critical. The Robolube System, utilizes small orifice sizes to reduce unnecessary grease usage and insure that only the right amount of lubricant is dispensed to the rail. With Robolube’s standard nozzle arrangement, accuracy of lubricant placement on gage face has been greatly improved. Now with the introduction of the New “RollerLube” nozzle design, accuracy to gage face is not compromised by variables such as high elevation curves, high degree curves, weights and railgear/vehicle suspensions. Robolube introduced the first “Top of Rail” nozzle design back in 1995 in response to the Rail Industry’s demands and Robolube continues to innovate to meet the ever changing rail lubrication environment.

New Model 120 Track Lubricator Includes:


14 Gauge enclosure for bulk tank and all grease components, approximately 28″ D x 50″ H x 28″ W
Weather resistant box with lockable top opening door
Gas cylinder assist rods on top door
Vertical Door for Grease Drum Access with Lockable “D” Ring Handle
½” Kraft back insulation on top and all sides
Prime painted inside and out
Finish paint, baked enamel, white color


12 Volt Permanent magnet motor
12 Volt power supplied from vehicle’s electrical system
Gear type hydraulic pump submerged in hydraulic reservoir
1.5 Gallon integral hydraulic reservoir
Continuous, heavy duty solenoid to activate motor
Integral relief valve, set at 700 PSI at 3 GPM


3″ high x 6″ wide x 5″ long molded plastic control box mounted in cab
Four (4) lighted rocker switches controlling: Master switch for powering entire system, heater switch for hot water heater fan control, left rail lubrication, right rail lubrication
Activation of left adn right rail lubrication switched allows unit to lubricate both rails simultaneously
Indicator light to notify operator of system obstruction
Wiring in rubber coated Multi-Conductor cable
Graco Dyna-Star 5:1 ratio hydraulic driven grease pump
3500 PSI output at 700 PSI input pressure
Custom length displacement pump
120 Lb. Drum Cover & Follow Plate (Utilizes Grease Manufacturer, 120 lb. Barrel)
On-Demand operation
Adjustable hydraulic flow control valve on pump head
In-line flow control valve


3/8″ 1-Wire steel braided high pressure hoses
High pressure hydraulic fittings
In-line Graco Model 218-029 Series A high pressure fluid outlet filter with steel bowl and support
3/8″ 2-Wire steel braided high pressure hoses for pressure and return lines
Hydraulic pressure selector valve for left rail lubrication, right rail lubrication, or simultaneous lubrication of both rails
Auxiliary fitting for attachmetn of hose and wand assembly for wayside lubricator filling and manual greasing of switches (hoses and wand not included)
Application nozzle assemblies with .035 orifices and “swivel style” pin arrangement
“Sure Stop” valve on nozzle assemblies to stop inadvertent grease flow after power is switched off
Hydraulic pressure sensor with indicator light on control module to indicate system obstruction


One (1) 5,000 BTU hot water heater with 12 volt fan
One (1) 120 volt convection type heater with plug in
Hydraulic oil and lube
Spare set of 30 mesh strainers for in-line filter system
Spare set of application nozzles
One (1) auxiliary 12 volt battery mounted inside enclosure
Unit weight: 200 lbs. dry, 350 lbs. loaded
Operator’s manual


“Top-of-Rail” Nozzles
“RollerLube” Nozzles
Electric Grease Transfer Pump
False Floor for track tool storage
Field installation
Complete Railgear installation