RBL, Inc. – The Company that Specializes in Special Equipment

Back in 1990, RBL, Inc. started with an idea for a Hyrail Track Lubricator. This simple design and idea has led to the recognition of the Robolube Hyrail Lubricator as the industry leader in hyrail lubrication. The Robolube Lubricator has set the standard by which all lubricators are measured.

WIth the Robolube sucess, RBL, Inc. diversified into other areas of expertise. RBL supplies our demanding customers with the highest quality products that meet their unique needs and requirements. Maintainer Corporation’s Traveling Mechanic Service Bodies, Cranes, and Fuel/Lube Bodies, Tiger-Railkut Hyrail Brush Cutters, Load King Custom Roadway Equipment Rail Trailers, Fassi Articulated Cranes, Continental Railworks Railgear, Pro-Vision Camera & Recording Systems, BackSafe Spotter Backup Systems and RBL, Inc. Custom Tractor Bodies for Lowboy Operations are just some of the superior products available. All of our products are customized to specific and unique customer requirements, and RBL specialty. Along with FRA Annual Inspection capabilities and a customer oriented staff, RBL, Inc. is a convenient “one stop shop” for our customers to access these special requirements.

A knowledgeable sales staff and qualified shop personnel make RBL, Inc. the easy choice for customers seeking expertise in designing and aquiring special equipment for special operations. Conveniently located on the north side of downtown Minneapolis, RBL, Inc.’s well equipped shop can handle your most demanding requirements.